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2007-01-24 | Episodes are back online (again)!

Yet again, all the episodes are available for download, again! A mirror snafu has been fixed, and the episodes should be available again. As you may have realised, SLUGradio is pretty much on a permanent hiatus, with episode 5 in a perpetual state of limbo. neuro, one of the SLUGradio team, and fellow ScotLUG member mrben are now part of hashlugradio, a meta-podcast discussing content from that week's LugRadio episode, plus news and events from the LR community. Have a listen!

2006-06-24 | Episodes are back online!

All the episodes are available for download again! Sorry to anyone trying to grab an old episode lately, but all the episodes are online again in Ogg and MP3; Speex files have been removed due to lack of interest.

2004-07-05 | Episode Four is released!

Episode Four is released! I don't know how, but we managed to get an Episode Four together sans neuro and with the dynebolic distro in charge :) Audacity temp file recovery ahoy!

Download Episode Four now in MP3, Ogg or Speex formats.

2004-06-24 | Episode Three is released!

Episode Three is released! Our longest episode yet, with discussions on SCO's bizarre reasons why not to use Linux, a competition for you to win a Gmail account and an unfortunate rendition of a SCO-related version of "American Pie" ...

Download Episode Three now in MP3, Ogg or Speex formats.

2004-06-22 | Episode Three Delayed

Due to circumstances (and ovens) beyond our control, Episode Three is delayed. Read more »

2004-06-17 | Forums!

After incessant hassle from bigkevmcd, we now have web forums! We'll be posting questions and conversations at forums.slugradio.org — come on over and join in!

2004-06-16 | Schedule Change

We're changing the way SLUGradio is released. We'll still be recording every second Wednesday night (barring any can't-make-its) but to ease the burden on the editmonkeys, the episode won't be released until the following Monday morning. This gives time for the edit to be done in a sensible and "proper" (ha!) fashion :)

2004-06-04 | Episode Two is released!

Episode Two is released! We've kept a little bit more on-topic this time, talking about Creative Commons, what LUGs should do, killer Canadian software and blatant product promotion.

Download Episode Two now in MP3, Ogg or Speex formats.

2004-05-22 | Episode One is released!

Episode One is released! This episode is more like a ScotLUG meeting, with people turning up during the recording and multiple interleaved discussions — some speech may be a bit quiet due to the positions people ended up sitting in.

Download Episode One now in MP3, Ogg or Speex formats.

2004-05-13 | Episode Zero is released!

Episode Zero is released! Episode Zero is our "dry run" to test our location, recording/editing techniques and also to make sure our banter sounds vaguely listenable to :)

Download Episode Zero now in MP3, Ogg or Speex formats.