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Last updated: 2004-07-14 17:49:13

This really isn't in any kind of order :)

Groklaw's SCO headlines
Ask Slashdot^WScotlug (perhaps steal some seeds from Ask Slashdot)
British Piracy Initiative - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/film/3881587.stm 
   "A new trailer will warn that buying a copy is like stealing a car or phone."
How is Linux used in your workplace (don't have to name workplace).
The Linux Desktop "How will this be achieved in a corporate workplace?"
"Linux Hairshirt Mentality"
"Dumbing Down" of Linux
Debian removing Mozilla?
Edward's Linksys Router and Linux
MIT's Open Courseware 
Linux User and Developer Mag Gone Away?