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2004-06-04 — Episode Two — 50m 45s

Audio Sources

SLUGradio #2 Master Recording
Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra — Ain't Misbehavin'
Squad 69 — The Groover
BBC Two Intro Sting "Logo" — © 2003 BBC

More Lessons Learned

Our first incursion into a higher plane of professionalism led us to have a) Joste, who supplied b) proper microphones — yes, plural! — and c) a mixing desk and everything! However, a major lesson to learn is to switch your own microphone on :)

It took a while for me to notice my mike was off, and Joste was sure I sounded OK through the desk, but while doing my pre-edit timelining I realised my voice was really quiet, so that's something to bear in mind when listening!

Second lesson, keep the microphones further away from the table so as not to keep picking up people typing on laptops.

Killer Cuts

As always, SLUGradio is edited from what we record to what you hear, usually for the sake of time and relevance. Omitted from Episode Two were discussions on Richard Scarry, ringtones (with practical demonstrations), pickle's sandwich being munched, Happy Tree Friends (which went on way too long) and a good 30 minutes of bigkev, pickle, gordonjcp and joste all chatting away thinking we'd stopped recording ... muhahaha.

Production Notes

neuro: "Crivvens, that was a bast to edit :)"