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Each episode uses the BBFC ratings system to give a rough guide for the listener as to the type of content within.

/U\ /PG\ (12) (15) (18)

audio players

Winamp and xmms play MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio out-the-box, there are Speex plugins available for both Winamp and xmms.

tllts stream

The guys over at The Linux Link Tech Show have set up a 24/7 streaming service, playing episodes from TLLTS, LUG Radio and SLUGradio — just enter http://thelinuxlink.net:8000/ into your media player's Open URL (or similar) option.


2004-07-05 — Episode Four — 59m 06s

  • Ogg (20.6 MB)
  • MP3 (20.1 MB)

  • (12) Some mild language.

    Present: bagpuss_thecat, edward, georgia, gordonjcp, joste, lazzurs, mrlithic, neil, tam
    Recorded: 2004-07-01
    Edit Timeline: timeline.episode4.txt
    Total Assets: 3.64 GB
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2004-06-24 — Episode Three — 75m 47s

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2004-06-04 — Episode Two — 50m 45s

  • Ogg (17.5 MB)
  • MP3 (17.2 MB)

  • (15) Some strong language.

    Present: bigkevmcd, edward, gordonjcp, joste, mrlithic, neil, neuro, pickle
    Recorded: 2004-06-02
    Edit Timeline: timeline.episode2.txt
    Total Assets: 1.94 GB
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Archived Episodes

2004-06-04 — Episode 2
2004-05-22 — Episode 1
2004-05-13 — Episode 0